Data Analysis: Yapap v 2

Yapap, Yet Another Plotting and Analyis Program, is a graphing and analysis software tool designed for time-series data.

Yapap plots


Yapap is a stand-alone application that incorporates these features:


  • quick and easy to use
  • written in Java for cross-platform compatibility
  • reads data files in several date and time formats
  • smoothes data using a robust LOWESS algorithm
  • plots first and second time derivatives
  • scaling and offset options
  • batch processing capability - open Yapap from a command line for automated file processing
  • zoom feature on graphs along the time axis
  • reads and writes project files incorporating original data, calculated plot values, plot images, project notes, index file in html format
  • saves graphics in png or jpg format
  • imports data and parameters separately
  • easy icon interface for commonly used tasks


Yapap data