Kinetics Plot

Is the rate of your reaction 0th order, 1st order, or second order? Find out with the Kinetics Plot applet.


Enter time and concentration data in the text area. Data will be plotted along with a linear least-squares fit.

To see the differences between different orders, try plotting C vs time, ln C vs time, and 1/C vs time for each set of data below.

The straight line can be adjusted manually by dragging it around: positioning the cursor toward either end of the line while allow that end to move while positioning the cursor toward the middle moves the whole line up and down.

Exercise. These sets of kinetic data (time, concentration) can be copied (one set at a time) and pasted into the data area. In each case the concentration of the reactant being monitored is decreasing as the time of reaction progresses. Which set is zeroth order in the reactant being monitored? Which is first order? Which is second?

Set A
0 10.0
1   2.31
2   1.30
3   0.91
4   0.70
5   0.57
6   0.48
Set B
0   10.0
1   8.4
2   6.8
3   5.2
4   3.6
5   2.0
6   0.4

Set C
0   10.0
1   3.68
2   1.35
3   0.498
4   0.183
5   0.067
6   0.025