Diatomic v 2.1 by BPReid

Images from Diatomic

Diatomic v2.1, is a Windows application that illustrates the translational, rotational, and vibrational motions of diatomic molecules from the perspectives of classical, quantum, and statistical mechanics.

Diatomic delivers realistic 3D animations, quantum wave functions, and statistical distributions for diatomic molecules. For students and instructors at both introductory and advanced levels of chemistry and physics.

Diatomic includes:

  • two dozen activities for computer laboratory exercises, out-of-class assignments, and in-class demonstrations
  • eight fully-worked student assignments complete with worksheets and answers for instructors
  • complete equations for all calculations
  • ability for instructors to incorporate their own exercises that can be conveniently accessed in a context-sensitive manner throughout the program

Purchase and download the Diatomic application for only $5.99.