Qualitative Analysis of Anions

This qualitative analysis scheme involves identifying the chloride, iodide, sulfate, and hydrogen carbonate anions. Some reactions that may be useful in coming up with an analysis scheme are:

Cl-(aq) + Ag+(aq) right arrow AgCl(s,white)

I-(aq) + Ag+(aq) right arrow AgI(s,yellow)

SO42-(aq) + Ba2+(aq) right arrow BaSO4(s,white)

HCO32-(aq) + H+(aq) right arrow H2O(l) + CO2(g)

Exercise. Use the applet below to test an unknown sample which contains one type of anion. You can practice with known samples from the solid reagent jar. You can attempt a "true unknown", but only those students in classes officially using this applet can have their instructor or teaching assistant check their analysis.

To use the Lab Bench, drag the dropper and spatulas to the test tubes to add reagents. A tube will become red when it is ready to receive reagent. Test tubes can be dragged to the waste can, the pH paper, the hot plate (not needed in this experiment) and the centrifuge. Wait for some response from the receiving apparatus before releasing the tube.