With a background in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, Brian P. Reid has created numerous programs, applications, and applets for science education and research.  He can craft custom applets for use on your web site as well as stand-alone applications.

Programming Experience
  Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web browsers
  VBScript, PHP, and SQL for Web servers
  Object Pascal with Delphi for Windows
  Objective C for NeXTStep
  FORTRAN for VMS, DOS, Unix, NeXTStep
  True Basic for Windows, DOS, Mac
College-level Teaching
  physical, analytical, introductory, and non-majors chemistry
  quantum mechanics
  thermal physics
  computer modeling for the natural sciences
  online physical science for elementary teachers
  B.S. Chemistry and Physics & Mathematics, Marietta College
  Ph.D. Chemistry, California Institute of Technology

Hanover, New Hampshire 03755